25% off Dell Dimension Gen5

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Yes I mean a Gen5 NOT a Gen4. As of this moment Dell has an image of
the Gen4 when you go to configure it that shows a 25% tag on it. I
added everything I needed to my shopping cart and went all the way
through checkout and never saw a discount. I called and spoke to a
sales rep who told me that the discount was for the Gen4 and not the

I told him that the image on the configuration pages showed an orange
25% off tag. He had me send him a screen capture as well as the url I
was looking at. He spoke to his manager and then gave me the discount!
That's $1,500.00 off the price people! He told me they had fixed the
page, but I just looked again and it's still there. Here's the url:

If your quick you might get the discount as well.

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.sys.pc-clone.dell (More info?)

    Well, now it's gone. I hope somebody was able to jump on that.

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