What did I do WRONG???

This will be a long post, and also several people have tried helping me with this here at Toms recently but nothing has worked. Here goes AGAIN!!

Trying to load up a GeForce 2MX 200 card. Followed the booklets directions and this system keeps booting into safe mode. 14 TIMES it has booted into safe mode, so the booklet was rolled up real tight like and thrown down the road!!! Stupid booklet.
Next I went in and removed all the old graphics drivers and programs relating to previous graphics card, did this thru control panel/add remove, and did a manual search (which took forever. I then set the display to "Standard desplay adapter(VGA). Tried loading up the cards drivers again, and again (15th time now)system boots up into safe mode.

Next, I AGAIN removed the previously installed Nvidia GF 2 MX 200 drivers, set the display mode back to "Standard display adapter (VGA). rebooted the system and got into the BIOS and selected Graphics cache shadowing to "disable". Tried re-loading the GF 2 MX 200 drivers again (16th time), no problems loading the drivers but when I restarted the system it went into safe mode again. Again I removed all the video/graphics drivers and programs previously loaded and set display back to "Standard display adapter (VGA). Rebooted system and got into the BIOS and dropped the AGP apeture down to 32 from 64, left shadow cacheing disabled and tried loading the GF 2 drivers, they loaded and again the system went into safe mode for the 17th DAMN time. Now I know Im new at this so I know Ive just had to have missed somthing simplem, or over looked something obvious. But I dont know what, thats why Im back here again. Please help. And sorry for such a long post but I wanted anyone who read this to get the full pisture. The following is the basics of my system.

Abit BX6 (original not rev2) 2x agp drivers loaded.
GF 2 MX 200 graphics card (which shortly will follow the booklet that came with it)
128 meg Micron PC-100 ram

P.S. system has 300 celery oc'ed to 450

Thanks again!!

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  1. Make sure your AGP divide is set at 2/3 instead of 1/1 in BIOS!!!!! Then use driver revision 6.31 if you have to (the most stable version).
    BTW you have to remove ALL individual files from the driver to get rid of it. YOu can see a list if you load the damned thing, or you can do it the easy way and pick up a program that uninstalls them for you. Try guru3d.com for all your drivers/programs.

    Back to you Tom...
  2. Oh, and load the most recent version of BIOS (look at abit.com.tw or abit-usa.com). And use at least a 250W power supply.

    Back to you Tom...
  3. sometimes you might have to check on resources to see if the card is beeing asigned a irq,dma,or io address which belongs to something else whe in safe mode go to device manager and check on this to see if you have a conclict, also disable the hardware in all profiles on old vedio adapterif it still shows up
  4. also, try clocking the cpu to stock speeds, just to see if that will MAYBE let it boot into normal...


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  5. Crashman----Found and loaded the 6.31 drivers and after rebooting the system went back into safe mode again. Had to load up the 12.90 driver just to get back into windows. Found a web site that has drivers all the way up to 21.-- something. I havent read any post saying much above 12.90, have read something about 14.-- series drivers but not much.
    The AGP is set at a 2/3 rate, have dropped apeture size down to 32 from 64. Im going to try and flash the MB bios, found drivers today. Will post a "How to flash BIOS" on the BIOS section tonight. Still learning this stuff so a huge Gazillion-bazillion thanks to all who have got me this far by answering my post. Thanks

  6. Dude, before playing around with Detonator drivers and MB flashes, go back to your stock speed first. Maybe it is the FSB frequency that causes the problems.

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  7. Thanks man, Ill go back and reset this system to a 66 mhz FSB and see what that does. I kind of hope this doesnt work, have been to used to running the system oc'ed. HA....just greedy. Thanks again

  8. What Version of Windows are you using?

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  9. Win 98 SE!

  10. Okay one last time before I remove this sytem from my dwellings and purchase a new one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Loaded drivers for card numbers 12.90...6.31...det 6.31...and 14.10. None worked, always shows driver conflict error code 24.

    un-clocked cpu and bios back to orginal settings.......no luck there either, system states driver conflict error code 24

    Checked IRQ's, no problems there either.

    I just slap give the hell up, only thing left is to flash MB.

  11. Hi, I rarely have problems installing my video card, accept for when I update the driver and decide I don't want it. I disable the card and get the save mode and have to play around with it. If your a newbie and update your bios make sure you do it right, that's all I have to say about that. This is not a step by step, but some tools and subjections. use system information to see how many things are sharing IRQ, if to many are sharing and you have to change, Use your Devise manager to find conflicts and to reassign IRQ. Play with add new hardware. If you have any other PCI cards try taking them out or move them. Make sure in devise manager everything is set to share, check your sound. Maybe something in bios needs to be disable, make sure if built in video is disable. Try bios on default. Just something's to try, do all at your own risk

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