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Edit--- Okay, now I can sleep. Bought the CARDEXPERT|GF2PRO/450 64MB from NewEgg for $129 delivered. Appreciate all the info that I received. Decided to go with nVidia due to the support and because it seems like it will do games okay with my AMD. Still don't fully understand why I would want to go beyond 800x600 but I guess I'll find out. Thanks a bunch! - R

I can't sleep until I get this question off my chest and toss it out to you guys... I am in the early stages of building another rig. My plan includes an AMD 1.3 or maybe an XP1600 with the Kt266A chipset. I don't consider myself to be a gamer, but when I want to play a game I want it to be right. Any thoughts as to which video card I should get? I've got a Gforce 2MX-200\32meg now but I understand it is a weakling. I can't justify going full tilt with the GF3 due to the fact that I almost never play online. Now and then I play DF-Land Warrior or Operation Flashpoint. What card would deliver really good graphics at 800x600? What's the real advantage of going higher?

I have narrowed my selection down to cards in the $100-$130 range. How about a Geforce2 PRO/450 or the GF2-GTS. I am almost certain that I will go with a 64 meg card.

Thanks in advance.
Tired and confused....

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  1. with that kind of cpu you will be better getting a kyro 2 (hercules 4500)

    geforce 2 pro is a little bit better in most games but geforce 2 GTS is not better than kyro 2 specially with a good cpu..
    and you will end up saving some bucks and getting better 2d image with it..

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  2. I have bought 5 or 6 graphics cards over the past few years (don't ask) and would definitely recommend going with a version of the gf 2 or 3 if it fits in your budget. I say go with gf because I have had many problems in the past with "off" brand vid cards that are cheaper. I've always regretted "saving" 20-30 bucks for the off brand, whether it was sis, ati, etc.

    I read an article here at tomshardware today that discussed the new geforce video cards. It looks like you will be able to get a geforce 2 ti for about $150, or, even better for you, save a significant amount without much performance loss for a gf 2 pro. You can get a gf 2 pro 64 mb on pricewatch right now for $110 plus $12 shipping (uh...carry the 4...that would be $122 I believe). That fits your budget and gives you not only great performance but also great reliability, which is especially important to someone like you or me who doesn't want to spend days or weeks tweaking the vid card.
  3. You could try going for a Radeon 7200.

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  4. I run games on 6 computers, 4 of them at 1600*1200 resolution. I would NOT say the GF2 MX200 is a terrible card below 1024*768 resolution.

    I have a Geforce 2 GTS driving one computer, two GF 2 MX driving two others and one Geforce 1 DDR driving the other (this overheats a little) without excessive fans.

    All are very fast - but for a rig of that size I say consider either a GF2 Pro or the new GF3 Ti200 (a better card with a longer life span) depending on you budget.
  5. That card is awesome. Good choice. It holds it's own for half the price of a newer card...

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  6. 800*600 resolution is very jagged. The higher the resolution, the smoother looking the image.

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  7. I used to play on a GF2 GTS, it is a step down from what you have now and I loved it. I think you made a good choice.

    PS: Try 1024 X 768 in your games. you will see the difference immediately and I think you will like it. I don't usually play in higher resolution than that because the text and cross-hairs get too small.
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