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I found an answer to my question. Thank you all.
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  1. Hi :)

    Laptop repair shop for diagnosis, BUT the motherboard is probably blown :(

    All the best Brett :)
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    Could be a blown cap, regulator, south bridge, fuse, resistor, a million things. Hard to diagnose on a board and not something I usually do unless the owner understands I will charge whether I can fix it or not as it can be hours with a multi-meter trying to track it down and then it may turn out to be a part that you can't replace anyways.

    Myself, I would start measuring with the power plugged in around the power input jack and see if it's getting power and then trace that down to see if the main parts seem to be getting the main power from the power jack. If that's all good, which it probably is in your case since power wasn't even plugged in, then it's hit and miss to figure out.
  3. Hello,

    One thing that you can try is unplugging the power cord, removing the main battery, and then hold down the power button on the laptop for about 20 seconds to let it discharge any remaining charge it has. Then plug the laptop back in without the battery and see if it will boot, I have had this work in the past when a laptop will not seem to power on.
  4. While there are a number of manufacturers.... you may want to focus in on the USB controller chip on the mainboard (if it has one) sometimes labeled as a Cypress chip with roughly 60-100 pins. This is waste of time unless you have micro-miniature solder skills and can source the exact same chip for replacement from a component vendor.
    And, even then, you have no way of knowing if the USB controller absorbed the surge or fried itself and kicked the electrical current can down the road.
  5. Thanks for your input everyone. Tried the holding down the power button thing and that didn't work so from what I gathered, it could be anything on the mobo. I don't have the tools nor the skills to replace components on it either so I guessing it would be cheaper to have it replaced. Appreciate the help guys.
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