Pink banding on screen

hi all,

A family member has got a laptop that is about a year old, an Acer Aspire 7535g

The problem with the laptop is that it is getting pink banding on the screen, this does not always happen but often does. Once the banding shows on the screen it tends to stay into the laptop has been restarted.

While the banding is visible any pressure on the base part of the laptop alters the pink banding. for example: no banding on screen - light pressure on base shows light pink banding and hard pressure on the base shows deep pink banding.

If their is banding on the screen a light bit of pressure on the base reduces the banding on the screen and if u put a lot of pressure on the base the banding vanishes, release the pressure and it comes back.

No loose cabling or parts and everything up to date.

many thanks
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  1. can not understand you.
  2. u might want to try and disassemble the laptop screen to see if there is a loose connection with the motherboard... while u have it apart, if the connection is solid, you might want to change the voltage regulator, or perhaps the screen as well
  3. Hi :)

    Its DEFINITELY a hardware problem..... either INVERTER or SCREEN needs changing...

    Laptop repair shop for diagnosis...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. This is a common problem on laptops. return it for warranty swapout.
  5. well i striped it down to every component today no loose components or wires but a few missing screws. i replaced the screws and checked the area that had the most problems (around the gpu card).

    it seems that their isn't much support for the card but seems secure enough.

    once the system was all put back together their was no change.

    so taking a closer look at the gpu area located around the vga input....

    moving the vga input causes the banding to happen in an instant and starting to wonder if it the input that's the problem even tho it isn't connected to an external screen.

    i will connect to a external screen tomorrow and see the out come.

    thanks for the reply's.
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