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I'm posting this in the Windows 7 category because the major sympton is the Blue Screens; however, there may be an underlying hardware issue. Really not sure at this point, hoping someone can help!

I have recently been rebuilding my computer. I am currently using the following:

ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO motherboard (upgraded BIOS to 2103)
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Thurban CPU
8 GB (4 x 2GB) OCZ 240-Pin DDR3 1333 RAM
EVGA GeForce 9800 GT PCI Express 2.0 video card (this is not a new part)
Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Extreme Gamer sound card (this is not a new part)
Older IDE DVD drive (this is not a new part)

I've tried two hard drives so far:
Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 250 GB SATA 1.5 GB/S (This was an older hard drive that I formatted)
Western Digital Caviar 1 TB SATA 3.0 GB/S

I am installing Windows 7 Premium 64-bit, using an upgrade disc from a full install of Vista 64-Bit.

I did the initial install on the Western Digital hard drive. The initial installation went fine and I began doing updates and installing necessary software. This included a number of Windows Updates and new drivers for my video card. I did several restarts on the system without issues. After deciding I had done enough for the evening, I powered the computer off and went to sleep.

The next morning I was greeted with frequent blue screens of death. The most common error seemed to be a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. In Safe Mode, I attempted to roll back a number of drivers and I disabled my anitvirus software, but this did not help. It was at this point that I updated BIOS to 2103, but still couldn't stop the BSOD.

I eventually reformatted the drive and tried to reinstall Windows. At this point I got another BSOD, this time referencing NTFS.sys.

I tried again using an older, freshly formatted drive, the 250 GB Barracuda 7200.8. This drive has run well for a few years now and was working before I began putting this system together.

Pretty much the same story: Install went fine, did updates, restarted several times, had no issues. Went to sleep, restarted the computer, it did further updates, and then blue-screened. The primary blue screen still seems to be a SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION.

This time I looked in to the Event Viewer. While I found numerous warning and errors, the most common seemed to be a WMI error.

After a few more BSODs, I again got a NTFS.sys error, and have been unable to get Windows to load properly since.

I'm really at my wits end here. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing all these issues? Any help would be EXTREMELY appreciated!

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  1. You bought ocz ram :(

    Remove all of them and put 1 by 1 and test if it works. You have a faulty ram. once you get a working windows environment, download memtest+ and burn it on a dvd.

    Then run memtest+ on all your memory module, it takes 3 seconds to see if errors happens. Probably you only have 1 dead stick.

    I did that manipulation yesterday took 2 minutes to found out that my second ram stick was dead. full of error at 1333mhz .
  2. Oh man, i hope its something that simple. I'll try that as soon as i get back home and get windows working again (yay for trying to troubleshoot from work).

    Thank for the quick reply :)
  3. I had the same problem yesterday. Quick fix : find the dead memory module and remove it ! After that you can put back the other one and boot normally and RMA the dead stick ! Hope it works for you. Keep me informed.
  4. Well, first test found an error. However, after individually testing each module *and* individually testing each slot, nothing came up with a further error. Currently running it through on another test with all four installed, but not looking like its going to repeat the error. Not that I'm banking on it, but maybe removing and reseating each module helped?
  5. I hope so ! Did you had any bsod recently ?
  6. Finishing the Windows install now. The last two installs were fine, it was on startup the next morning that I had all the issues. So we'll probably find out tomorrow. I'll let you know!
  7. Alright ! Good luck :P !
  8. No joy. Did the same thing - as soon as it attempted to load Windows this morning it went to a BSOD, SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION.
  9. Ok, this may not hold up over the long run, but for right now, I've gotten things working smoothly by hooking up an old spare case fan almost directly over the RAM. I'll be trying a few tests - starting up after its been off for a few minutes and a few games - to see if I get any further BSODs. And if anyone has any further ideas I'd still love to hear them.
  10. try again memtest+ on all the module at the same time. if any error show off, you have to put the right timing in the bios. Otherwise there is a bad stick.
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