Aspire 7250-3821 BIOS issue HELP

Okay, I was having issues with laptop so like a dummy I flashed BIOS in Windows with the program included in the Zip file from Acer website... I had it hooked up through HDMI when I did it do I could see what was going on as the screen stopped working.

I went in the other room came back and it was suddenly black, now I have black screen, I replaced the screen ribbon first, still black next I replaced the screen, still black, I have tried to plug into HDMI and VGA for external display and nothing works...

Here is what does work:
-Powers On, both blue lights
-CD-Rom drive powers and looks for Disc
-Fan turns on
-I can hear the Hard Drive working
-Usb stick will blink right when laptop is turned on then stops.
- I turn on the tv which had HDMI output on first then connect the laptop and turn it on and press FN F5/F6 to try to switch display

I can hear everything but cannot get screen to come one... would a new BIOS chip maybe work or should I buy an external floppy drive to try to re-flash with instead of USB Flash drive?

I really don't want to give up on it yet until I am certain its just dead.
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  1. Were you having similar video problems before the BIOS Flash? If not, what prompted the BIOS update?
  2. Yes, I was only getting a good video when connected to external TV on HDMI... Started with a white screen then changed to lines all over screen that's what I tried to flash BIOS stupidly from the File that was included in the Zip folder.

    I'm tempted to give up on it but really hope there might be something I am missing...
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