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I got a I pad mini a couple of weeks ago but I have forgotten my OWNER- PC_ Network password, is there any way that I can get a new password?
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  1. What is "OWNER- PC_ Network"?

    We can't help you with this, I highly doubt you would forget a password on an iPad after only owning it for a couple of weeks.

    The bet advice I can give? Ask the owner.
  2. You forgot your network password? Ask the person who set it up or ring up your internet company
  3. if you forgot the password on ur iPad, sync it to ur itunes account on ur computer. Since you must have had it connected to it once since owning it, you will be able to backup, wipe, then restore it. But ONLY if you've had it connected to that iTunes before, but since you've had it for that long, you must have.

    If it's a network password, press the reset button on the back of the router for 30 seconds and then you just input the default password if any is required at all.

    Since you must own this iPad, it won't be difficult to perform either task.
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