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Good defrag software for Windows 7?

I have been using the built in defrag tool on my drives, but I've been wondering if there is a better option out there (free or paid).

Any suggestions on what I should try?
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  1. I use Raxco PerfectDisk 11 Professional.
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    I have tried both Defraggler and Auslogics. Both seem about equal to me, both are free and both seem better than the one built in Windows.
    I have also used O@O in the past and while they have many more defrag options than the free programs I do not believe it is worth paying for a program like this with the others being so good. I actually got a free key from O@O as a special but it was for a version ( 10 maybe? ) that only worked with XP. That does not help since I do not run XP anymore so I never used it.

    Pretty much everthing from these guys is useful. Speccy is better than CPU-Z.

    Have not tried their other stuff except Registry Defrag and it works great but it is only free for like a 30 day trial.
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