3 6910p wont work pluged in?

im not sure if iv posted this in the right place, please correct me if im wrong

anyway, i bought 3 hp 6910p laptops to fix up and sell on,

i bought one charger as i have a hp myself and the charger for it also fits,

so all was fine charged the battery up on one of them and tested the other 2 all seemed to accept a charge and and powered up,

now a couple of days later i get back to them and now none of them will charge or power up when pluged in,

of course i tought i got a dodgey charger so i try my own and it wont power any of them either, yet both chargers will power my own laptop, any ideas on this? i tried the usual hard reset etc and nothing worked
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  1. Hi :)

    You DID buy the CORRECT charger , correct VOLTS AND AMPS ?

    Not one of those cheap Chinese copy ones ?

    A good one SHOULD have cost you at LEAST 40 to 50 ....

    All the best Brett :)
  2. it is the correct charger, but a cheap replacement one,

    iv never seen them do this before, iv been useing one on my own for over a year and its been fine...

    surely it wouldnt do this to all 3? also i should add they were all fine 2 days ago and havent been pluged in since,
    id imagine if the charger done damage it would of happened whilst it was useing it? because none wer left pluged in whilst i wasnt testing them

    also one of them was litreally pluged in for maybe 5 mins, just checked if it would power up then put it back in the box

    pluged one in tonight and no sign of life and the same with the other 2..
  3. Hi :)

    Check the chargers , with a VOLTMETER...can you imagine what happens if that charger puts 120 volts into a motherboard instead of 19 volts ?

    DEAD motherboards, would be the result... :(

    All the best Brett :)
  4. voltameter checks out fine,

    and it powers my own laptop no problem, just seems strange that all them are the same
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