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Hi, Im looking for a gaming/school laptop, not a mac though, I want it to run GTA IV on decent settings, as well as a few other games. I have a price range up to $1,000, I would like to have it weigh a reasonable amount around 4-6lbs. Also want it to be pretty fast and last probably for about 4 years. And if you could recommend a good brand that I should look. Thanks!
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  1. Recently bought this for the exact same purposes and extremely similar constraints you're running with:


    I got mine at London Drugs -- they sold me an extra two years warranty for $160 so now I have four years total warranty with one year accidental.

    I know you can get more power for less but I think the super reasonable warranty and super low failure rates of Asus laptops are worth the slight premium.

    Also of interest:

    My review: I kinda wish I had a quad core but honestly that's just in my head. The card is underpowered but I have come to realize how outrageously low powered all mobile products are. For your price range and needs, you will be hard pressed to find a better product.

    Cheers, interested to know whatever you choose.



    LOLOL only for a couple more bucks than you want to spend and a bit too big. /endtroll
  2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834312438

    One of the best deals you can find really. 1080p screen 650m SLI (about 670 mx performance) for $900. Only problem is the poor battery life (3-4 hours).
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