MSI GE70 vs. Qosmio X875-Q7380

Torn between these two laptops and looking for recommendations.

MSI combo comes with Crysis 3 for free basically, and I will most likely return that to best buy. Which will make it about $100 cheaper. Toshiba comes with a round trip flight that I most likely won't use.

Hard drive difference isn't an issue, and I could make up the ram easily.

Other suggestions are also welcome, but I would prefer they be 17" and under $1300.
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  1. I was going to recommend the Qosimo model but I won't because of the screen resolution,instead go with Sager NP9170
  2. Yeah, the resolution was basically the main reason I didn't automatically go with it. That Sager is nice, but unfortunately it has to be through Newegg due to credit reasons.

    I may just hold off for a bit and see if they have any new deals next month.

    Thanks for the response
  3. If you want double the performance, $150 worth of games for free (You gotta check box) and a slick backlit keyboard for $1235 get

    Use Coupon 0410 to knock it down $50 more down to $1235-ish

    I would strongly recommend this, I know you said credit card problems but try to find a way around it - buy a prepaid- wait for tax returns, etc. It's a MSI GT70
  4. Unfortunately at this time it has to be newegg, but I may just shop for a couple months and try to save up some cash until I can go elsewhere. Who knows, maybe they will drop the price on the GT70 next month.
  5. I also wanted to add that there are rumors about the new i7s having integrated graphics at similar performance to a GT 650m. If this is the case then it will force major price drops (Only if this is true). I'm personally looking for a laptop with a backlit keyboard and GTX 670m performance but since I don't need it until September I'm waiting.
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