Worst case scenario of Laptop failure?

If I were to buy a gaming laptop off Ebay that did not come with a warranty, like an MSI GT60 off Ebay.
What would be the worst case scenario of a laptop failure assuming I will never drop it, no water damage, etc.

Will the CPU blow up, motherboard fail, etc? Worst case scenario
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  1. Outside HD failure and all data lost. Motherboard/CPU/Screen failure something that cost a pretty penny to fix. Things like RAM, HD's, and CPUs can be easily swapped out if you know what the problem is and can find the part. Motherboard and screen you probably have to go to the manufacturer to get them to fix it/buy parts from or take to repair shop to do it for you.

    Having had a Dell laptop which was nothing but problems as in sent in around 10times and they had a nasty habit of never actually repairing it and hardware issues kept piling up on it even after it was repaired. And this thing was babied and never abused. I have a hard time recomending you buy used and personally would prefer to buy new or at least refurbished/open box with an extended warrenty.

    Oh and one more interesting story my sister bought an open box laptop at bestbuy before and left it plug in for a few hours when she left the house and the keyboard MELTED literally melted. So thats a new one too, didn't know you could do that. I am still disapointed in her not keeping it long enough for me to come home to see it, people at bestbuy were impressed and gave her a refund to say the least.
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