MyJal and where to get the cracked version

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Here is the place to get a cracked version of MyJal
and the MyJAL v01.01.2c abd the myJAL Apollo Edition.
Just visit this link after you join for free.
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.cellular.nextel (More info?)

    BigBamBooB wrote:
    > Uhhh... thats not true, your thinking about the version
    > that is released by forums that want your money. You did
    > not join that page I was talking about. Making a comment
    > without doing your homework is what you have done. There
    > are forums out there like mobiledudes who keep the expired
    > hardware ID in the software so you will keep posting in their
    > forum or others who want you to donate. Next time you reply
    > to a post do your homework. To anyone else out there who
    > sees this moron Grumpy's reply he is totally wrong. Besides
    > this moron uses prodigy what does that tell you....LOL

    One little crackhead reprimanding another... I love it!

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