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Okay guys....I have a question for you again.....My friend bought a laptop for gaming and I was amazed...Now I am going to a hostel so I need something for entertainment.My only motive is not to play games but also some browsing and all.My friend bought and HP DV6-6165TX and boasts of its performance...This was about 4-5 months ago.Now I am wondering what to buy there is 3rd gen processors, Windows 8 many other things. I want my laptop to be light on the pocket. It should not be more than RS.50000. I also have a list of brands (My Dad won't go with brands other than these) HP. Dell, Sony and maybe Lenovo, Samsung and Acer. :) :) Also I want to know if buying a windows 8 laptop is safe for playing games.
I spent months on websites and found out this laptop from Dell. Please give me your suggestion about it.

Thanks.!! :)
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  1. never liked laptops for gaming, slower and hotter. but good luck
  2. None of those are brands make a good gaming laptop. But Dell does own Alienware so you could try that angle.
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