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Rage Fury Maxxconflicts

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
October 21, 2001 8:06:30 AM

i am building my friends computer with the k7s5a, and a rage fury maxx, which has been renamed the rage fury
maxx-imum conflict....
we installed windows 98se, fresh...after reformat...
then installed the k7s5a drivers, and then my friend installed the drivers for the video card...
then all hell broke loose....
i was at the ucla football game when he did this, but when i got back, there was mass confusion...
the system booted into windows with a blank screen....
then, when i tried to fix it, i set to standard pci, removed everything related to the rage (but i didnt remove the files themselves, just from the hardware config, and this was done in safe mode)
the computer booted up, and reinstalled the drivers for the video my shock since i told it to use the standard pci....but oh well eh?
then i went and tried to up the color depth, and the resolution, and the computer said it had to reboot, so i said, ok, and then when the computer rebooted, it was in 640*480 and 16 colors....
i still dont get it...and the thing will not work correctly...
we have tried it in 1* 2* and 4* agp mode, and am running it with the graphics acceleration turned all the way down...
ugh...this is not making sense to me, since i have almost the same config, except i have the msi geforce2 pro...and that thing is smoking!
in quake3 at 1024*768*32 trilinnear filtering, 2* anti aliasing, and all the goodies turned up...i get constant 99fps...................
much better than my usual 30...hehe
alright, anyone have any ideas...because i am goin insane, and my friend is already...and i need to go to sleep anyone who has a decent idea, i am willing to listen...
alright, am going to go eat something....then i will come back and check this...i hope that there is a response from someone...maybe crashman...i have had the best luck with his offense to anyone else...but his ideas just stick out in my mind...
and the k7s5a rocks the house....


-Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
October 21, 2001 8:48:57 AM

I need some help with this tonight..we need to fix this thing tonight...someone respond!!!!!!!!!!!please...i am out of ideas!


-Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
October 21, 2001 4:50:58 PM

What driver version are you using? Do you have the latest agp drivers for the ECS board ( 1.07 ). I have that board, coupled with a gforce2 pro but have tried it with my ATI radeon with no issues as well. Sometimes the ATI agp driver( atigart) will overwrite the motherbaords AGP drivers and you need to re-install the 1.07 driver after the the ati driver install routine.

I suggest the following:

Boot to safe mode
remove all video adapters
remove all monitors if you have two or more occurances


Install the latest ati drivers
<A HREF="http://" target="_new">http://;/A>

Install the sis agp driver
<A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>( also the source for the much wanted oc bios for this board)

Install the latest version of Direct X
<A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>

Now reboot

Video editing?? Ha, I don't even own a camera!
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October 22, 2001 5:35:21 AM

we tried it...and no go...
we made another trip to fry's and spent another $160 getting the visiontek geforce2 ti....
and it works great....
no problems....
and his system is stable...


-Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
October 22, 2001 10:14:54 AM

yup another problam solved for just 160$!

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