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Hello how are you doing? I built a pc for a customer of mine using the MSI KM2M V1.0 board running 256mb DDR PC-2100 of ram and the AMD 1.3Ghz duron chip . We have ran into problems with the slow performance, just browsing a webpage can make the cpu jump to 100% when scrolling down a page. Could you please help me, I've searched high and low for a fix.There is no spywhere on this pc or anything.
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  1. Are you sure there are no spywares, viruses, etc?
    Is internal CPU cache enabled on BIOS?

    asus a7n8x dlx, xp2600/333, 2x512mb pc2700, geforce 4 ti4200 64mb, win xp pro, dx 9.0b, nforce 2.45, det 43.45, samsung 40gb 7200rpm
    Note: no SP1 and no OC!
  2. Well I know for a fact that there is no spyware,viruses or anything like that causing this problem. I will check the bios to see if the CPU cache is enabled. Thanks!!
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