will g2gts or mx400 work good in my cpu ? plz help

HI !! this is my first time looking for a video card,i love all this of computers and im trying to understand all i can .i want a good video card no too expensive cause i dont have a job and no got $$ i can only buy something like $70 up 100 or little bit more only thats all maybe 120+ is fine ,but i want to know if a geforce2 gts or mx400 make a difference in games ? i have ATI Rage Pro turbo 8mb agp 2x card is that good ? is slow i like play midtown madness 2 and work very bad i mean slow well graphic no good ,and i like to play unreal and i cant with this is SO slow i cant control the game will gf2 gts change alot or just little bit ? oh and im no sure if my computer is good to run that no idea

i got P3 450mhz 96ram i dont know what more need to say !!! SOME BODY HELP ME PLZ THANKS you all alot if can help me
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  1. OH WELL im INGNORE FOR SOME REASON??? NO 1 want to POST in this no body help me good thanks alot people !!
  2. You should really give it a little time if you are looking for a reply. Your question is asked many time every week on here, try looking at the previous posts for information as well.
    Getting a new graphics card will let you play UT and midtown better. What to get all depends on how much money you want to spend, if i were you i'd get a Geforce 2 mx400 as they are very cheap at the moment(make sure you dont get a mx200 as they are twice as slow and it doesnt cost much more for a mx400).
    A Geforce GTS is an excellent card although im not sure if your system would justify it and whether you will see it at its full potential.
    As for the kryo i wouldnt bother. There drivers are bad, as is the support from what i understand. Nvida always seem to push out new drivers that speed up there cards, whether old or new (could this be a marketing trick?) .Although some die hard kryo owner may correct me on the above statment.
    Hope this helps, all the best.

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  3. the MX series is made out from the same chip as the GTS, so if you can just get the GTS, i asume no 1 responded as all the forum is filled with ppl buying/upgrading and need advice, kinda same story every time.."i have...want to buy something cheap under....so what should i get..."
    every time same thing..
    look in other threads for answare for same question.

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  4. YEah hey guys thanks alot im going maybe for gts im going to check for prices on stores THANKS ALOT !!!!! i have see the pictures on game si have of mx400 and looks bad but i think is the picture i dont know K
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