Natural Selection Mod for Half-Life

Has anyone else here checked out the mod called <A HREF="" target="_new">"Natural Selection"</A> for Half-Life.

I saw it yesterday night for the first time. Very nice.

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  1. I've heard of it but never tried it. The website looks promising. I need to reinstall Half-Life and Counterstrike...haven't played them for a while now.
  2. man where have you guys been... it's already at 1.3!~!~!~! It's the best hl mod to date by far!

    Finally someone implemented the whole "commander" idea.
  3. I reinstalled HL and CS tonight....I'm giving that a try for a while before going for Natural Selection.
  4. Another great one to play with your friends is Sven Co-op, it's like single player mission style with some of your friends as teammates. I think the site is
    my version is 2.0 I think

    Ain't it amazing after, what is it now, like 4 years, half life is still kickass?

    Most people live at the speed of life, I drink Mountain Dew!
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