No sound from tv when connected via laptop

I have an acer travelmate TM8371G-944G32n configured with windows 7. I have connected the laptop to my lg lcd tv via a vga? connection, the sound is connected via a lead with red and white plugs one end and a single plug the other the red and white lead is connected to the sound on the tv and the sinle plug to the headphone jack on the laptop. I have a picture from laptop to tv but no sound. What am I doing wrong?

Ps forgot to mention I have a yamaha soundbar connected to the tv could this affect it?

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  1. It depends on the TV. On some models you have to select the audio input in the menu. And try to unplug the soundbar for a test and use the use the build-in speakers. If that doesn't work, post the TV model, so we can download the manual.
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