ge force2mx400 pci better thn intel direct agp 3d?

I recently bought an emachine 1 gig p3 with 192m ram. It came with on-board intel direct agp video (and no external agp slot) This video is a dog. Ive set the memory to 32 megs (apparently the most it will support) and 64. still a dog. would i be better off going to a pci ge force 3 or something?HELP!
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  1. A piece of chalk and sidewalk are favored over Intel onboard graphics. Emachines saves alot of money cuttting corners like that. yes even PCI geforce card will dust it.
  2. Yes, lose the intel crap.

    A good PCI card will do the trick for you. Don't worry about giving up's overrated for 3d games..if you have to transfer to and from main memory for some reason, PCI and AGP will BOTH be slow.
  3. The best bang for the buck is on an old TNT2 PCI card. The reason is that this card is already using data faster than the PCI bus can supply it. You won't get much better framerate from any newer PCI card because of the PCI restriction, but some do offer more features.

    Back to you Tom...
  4. AGP bus is sitting on the north bridge so its much faster to comunicate with CPU or memory, plus it has 66Mhz bus (PCI-33Mhz), are u sure you dont have an AGP slot?its brown..
    post the model of the mobo, i dont know any mobo coming with o/b VGA with no AGP slot.

    i pesonally have 815EP-which has o/b sound and VGA, thogh both i disabled through bios and using slotted one's.

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