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hi everyone. I've been lingering about the desktop world learning more and more about the ins and outs of systems over the last 6 months, and I have a thorough knowledge of desktop systems. I'v been troubleshooting computer problems for my family, and I need a mobile upgrade.

my school is upgrading the network to 2.4Ghz 802.11 N for better range and faster connection. The incoming freshmen will be loaned tablet computers that will house their books electronically. this is optional for upperclassmen who may purchase computing devices to use in school, preferably tablets.

I have terrible handwriting and good knowledge of the capabilities of apple vs microsoft and laptops vs tablets. I can't get stuck with windows RT and windows 8 is dreadful to use without a touchscreen AND a keyboard just because it would be even better.

there are few windows 8 tablets -> researched building a tablet -> bad idea -> convertible ultrabook!

I'm waiting for haswell to be released in June for a lower voltage, then I will purchase a haswell based ultrabook even while they're still expensive.

I'll need some I/O capabilities for usb, audio and video (mini-hdmi). I may need an optical drive(I need microsoft office), but I have one on my homebuilt win7 PC and a usb drive. I *want* a high resolution screen, having one convertible monitor if it's cheaper.

I'm informing and looking for opinions on what a decent ultrabook with limited shortcomings would cost.

I'll be saving, expecting a good one to cost $1000-$1200 and last me a good 5 or 6 years if necessary.

P.S. what kind of accessories would make owning an ultrabook more fun or give it more functionality?
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  1. hello?
  2. I found out the helix is coming out soon, anybody think there's going to be something like the taichi 21 or lenovo helix?
  3. lxgoldsmith said:

    Sorry, nobody's home..... :)
  4. Just in case you did not know, the Lenovo Helix is an Ivy Bridge convertible laptop. So if you definitely want a Haswell ultrabook, then you need to look elsewhere.

    If you are fine with an Ivy Bridge convertible, then I would recommend you look at the upcoming Asus Transformer Book. From what I can see, it is more or less very similar to the Helix except that it has a 13.3" screen which makes 1920x1080 resolution easier to see.



    There were 11.6" and 14" versions demoed last year, but Asus never mentioned anything about production dates. The 14" Asus Transformer is kinda interesting because it think it has an nVidia GT 640m (or maybe it was the 650m) in the keyboard dock. If the 14" version is ever to be released I am sure it will be around the $2,000 mark... or more.
  5. I meant to ask about whether there would be convertibles or hybrids similar to those two after haswell's release.

    I like the larger screen, but the most gpu stress I'll be putting on it might be a flash game here and there, no need for a dedicated gpu. I really can't find any leaks, rumors, or pre-order products. is it still too early for that?
  6. Too early for pre-orders.

    Haswell is not expected to be announced until June. That could mean laptops will be available in June / July.
  7. I really thought there would be more roumors and "leaks" at least a few months prior to intel's go-ahead for ultrabook sales
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