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I just set up a new system today and everything seems to be working fine EXCEPT for my video card. I'm using WinXP Home (oem version) with a Shuttle AK31 mainboard. I've also got an nvidia tnt2 pro video card. The problem is that whenever I try to run certain programs (well, the only programs that I've actually tried are the Windows 3d screensavers and Alice) the system crashes. Now, if I turn off hardware acceleration it works fine. I've tried the drivers that come with Win XP and I've upgraded with the drivers from nvidias site but I've had the same result. Any suggestions?
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  1. It's probably a driver issue. I remember when nVidia's first Detonator 3 series came out they caused problems with TNT2 cards. The Detonator XP driver was designed for the GF3, works well on the GF2, but who knows if they even TESTED it on anything early than a GF256!

    Back to you Tom...
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