Flat Ribbon Cable (hard to find)

Hi, thanks for reading.

Please, can someone tell me the specifications for an AO531H acer netbook *FLAT RIBBON* power button cable?

I mean details for help me to find the cable in ebay, like number of pins and size.
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    Hi, a picture of the cable would be appreciated, but what I found with your information is this cable :
  2. I`m looking for a cable like this, I can`t remember but I think this is the cable that was damaged. I`ll try to find in ebay.

    Jarotech, thanks for helping me.
  3. What you must do is to take out the cable and identify how many wires and the length of the cable you need, it will help us finding the cable you need.
  4. Thanks jarotech, I think this is the right cable, I don't have the damaged one anymore.
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