pci vs intel onboard agp...faster?

no there is NO agp slot on the motherboard.but the agp video from intel drags ass...northbridge or not. I can disable it in bios. my 700 athlon with an old tnt2 agp2x runs circles around this 1 gig p3. And Im old running 128m ram on the athlon. 256 on the pentium. Maybe ill try a good pci card.(geforce 2 64?) tempted to change the motherboard and cpu to an athlon. Just irritates me since this machine is brand new.
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  1. Don't fuss. PCI will work. If you are short on video card memory and the vidcard needs to pull stuff from main memory it's going to be slow no matter AGP OR PCI. Just get a PCI card with a fair amount of memory (64meg if they have em)
  2. why did u start a new thread?

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  3. There's nothing wrong with your CPU, it's the integrated graphics, and yes I do suggest getting a better motherboard with an AGP slot, either a BX motherboard or an i815. My 1 year old i815 based PIII 933 still beets 1GHz Durons in a lot of banchmarks

    Back to you Tom...
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