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I'm right now in the process of updating my secondary rig to something a little more usefull that a bulky mp3 player. Yesterday I got the new videocard, a visiontek GTS-V, and right after I installed it I ran 3Dmark 2001 to see what it could do. From I had heard, the card is supposed to very overclocking friendly, so I installed the latest detonator drivers, downloaded nvmax and got at it.
Maybe I should add that the GTS-V is a lower clocked, value version of the regular GTS. It runs at 175/286 as opposed to 200/333 of a regular GTS.
I decided to first bring the card up to par with a normal GTS before I testing the limits. I got there without any conflicts [nvmax is a fantastic tweak tool], and thought it be a good thing to run 3Dmark again to see how much performance had increased. The results were not at all what I expected. Get this, despite the fact that I upped the core clock by 14% and the memory by 16%, my 3Dmark scores dropped 3%!
I have no rational explaination for this. I still haven't gotten the new processor, so the box is still pulling it's weight w/ an old PII-266 @ 333. Could this have anything to do with it?
Can somebody explain this to me? I am at a complete loss here...

FYI, System spec:

Abit BX-6 rev 1.0
PII-266 @ 333, stock fan
256 MB PC133 Kingston SDRAM
VisionTek Xtacy 5632 Geforce2 GTS-V 32MB DDR w/Win9x_21.83 detonator driver
Win 98-SE

I will add an abit slotKET and a celeron 900 @ 1008, but it's still enroute.
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  1. does your mobo support AGPx4?

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  3. No, the BX-6 series are all AGPx2, although I'm not so sure about the BX6-II, but that still doesn't explain why overclocking the card resulted in a drop in 3Dmark performance. From what I understand the major benefit from AGPx4 only materializes in T&L intense app's.

    Oh yeah, what's with the red name?
  4. It's a glitch that popped up (I think). I believe Fredi has taken down registration for the moment to work on it.

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  5. its heat, its getting too hot and the heat cousing a drop in conductivity inside the chip.
    get a "Blue orb" or a PCI cooler.

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  6. It's your slow processor.

    I just got my GTS-V, Visiontek Xtasy 5632, today. Paired with my Duron @1007mhz the GTS-V scored 2925 at stock clock, 3110-ish at 200/345, and 3260 at 200/365 in 3DMark2001's default benchmark. At 200/365 I noticed artifacts after one full run of 3dMark2001. Looking carefully I see artifacts at 200/350 so I have set my default clock to 200/345.

    I was trying to test for artifacts with Artifact Tester 5 but this program found nothing even though artifacts are clearly visible.

    Here is something that is interesting. Using GeForce Tweak I found that the card will overclock to 220/410 and actually operate (I don't recommend trying this). At that level of overclock nearly 30% of the screen is filled with incorrect pixels but no crash. (I didn't try this for more than about 10-20 seconds). I wonder if ram heatsinks will help. I've tried using a fan blowing directly onto the video card with no improvement so I may be at my card's overclocking limit already.

    As for your problem, I can't really explain a decrease in performance. I could understand not getting any gains because your CPU is unable to keep up but a performance loss, no.

    I'm sure you will see a huge improvement with the Celeron rig.

    We are all beta testers!
  7. Hmmm... I just read through my first post and cannot help to wonder what happened. When I pasted it in there it appears to have cut out some random words. Sorry about that, I hope it is somewhat comprehensible anyway.

    I think I have had my problem explained to me through another post at anandtech. Apparently the 3Dmark performance makes a slight dive with the newest detonator drivers, but the loss in fps is made up for by an increase in quality. Supposedly...

    I have also come to realize not to expect any miracles with my PII, so I'll just have to wait until the slotKET arrives. I have everything else right here, but it's all pretty usless without it. It should be interesting to see what happens to it after I have install the new CPU. I'm expecting a 4-500% increase in performance compared to all the three-year old sh|t that was in the rig before. It's no where close to an XP system, but still not all that bad for less than a $200 investment...
  8. I saw similar results when I was messin around with the clocks on my GF3 and an Athy 1.4

    heard a couple explanations:

    1. heat causing degraded performance
    2. dropped bits (due to timing errors caused by raising clocks too high) makes memory resend information

    and my personal favorite.... God is punishing me for messing with a perfectly good Video Card LOL
  9. Well, the heat level is fine. Usually I have been at par with normality , but lately I've been runnig an open box just because I ordered a lot of parts, but they never showed up on the same day.
    I think that a part of the discrepancy lies in 3Dmark, and there is a part that applies to the drivers. The rest has to be caused by the the currently sucky hardware...

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  10. Well let us know how it turns out.

    We are all beta testers!
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