MSI GE70 0ND-213US vs MSI GX60 1AC-021US

Hello guys,

I am soon going to get a new laptop, and i am wondering between two models - the ones in the thread title. Price is the same for both of them, and they have identical RAMs and Hard drives. So the big question is: AMD A10-4600M with HD7970M or Intel i7-3630 with Nvidia GTX660M. No doubt 7970 is by far superior to 660M, but kinda same could be said for the i7 compared to A10. I read many threads about the AMD based system, and it looks like that the APU really bottlenecks the graphics card, but still according to a benchmark test overall it is like 5% faster than the Intel + Nvidia system. It is worth noting as well that the GE70 (i7) is 17,3" and is (surprisingly) lighter, while GX60 is 15,6" only and heavier. What would you recommend, which one is worth the money more? :)
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  1. Most games are GPU limited,so you'll definitely get a much better gaming performance with the AMD combo
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