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Ultrabooks & battery packs

I'v really been getting into researching haswell and the ultrabook convertible laptops because they offer windows 8 + touch screen instead of windows RT. yes, I'm waiting for haswell.

I currently have a New Trent 12000 mah usb battery pack for my Iphone. Is there any possibility that I can double the battery life of an ultrabook by using this battery pack? I haven't charged this thing in a week, running my iphone from just the battery pack. doing so with an ultrabook would make it more convenient as a tablet

1x 2.1 amp, 1x 1 amp.

I'd really love this feature because I hate looking for a power outlet at school or while sitting on the couch

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    It's 12,000mah. Not 120,000mah.

    Unlikely to work with a laptop. laptops are not charged via USB ports. You will need an adapter to plug it into the laptop's "power port" and it will likely not push enough amps/voltage to even charge the laptop's battery.

    It's best to contact NewTrent regarding this issue.
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