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My Alienware m17x was working fine last night but when I tried to go on it this morning almost everything was screwing up. In normal mode when I try to open any document or program it just replaces my mouse icon with a loading ring and then nothing happens. I downloaded a game yesterday from skidrow and I thought that that might have been the problem but when I restored the system to before I'd done the download I still had the same problem.

Everything works fine in safe mode.

Anyone here have any advice?
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  1. "....I downloaded a game yesterday from skidrow ..."

    That why it better if u go with original / legal ones...

    try uninstall the one u DL and run virus/malware scan.....
  2. If you can afford and alienware laptop you shouldn't have a problem buying a game. That is almost certainly your problem.
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    sound like you need to reinstall windows because you downloaded crack/malware.
  4. Thanks for the replies.

    I've since deleted the game and run several scans using malwarebytes and sfc/scannow with nothing untoward cropping up. What works best for me seems to be doing a couple clean boot ups and then this problem vanishes for the day. For the day being the problem. Every morning my problem seems to come back and I have to do the same thing everyday to get rid of it. Any tips?

    On another note I'm not sure if this is related to my current issue or whether it's a coincidence that it's happening at the same time but my computer doesn't seem to want to recognise when I have headphones plugged in or not. To elaborate; sound works fine through headphones but when I take the jack out I'm greeted with dead silence from whatever song I was playing. I've done a test of my speakers on Sound Blaster and they worked fine then and made sound but to switch to either speakers or headphones I have to manually go to Sound Blaster and tick the appropriate box.
  5. Accidental double post.
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