What is hp nc6000 charging volts

i am trying to use a dell charger on my nc6000 from hp. I already did the rewiring. will it work?
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  1. it should list the volts/amps right on both adapter? do they match EXACTLY?
  2. I never cared to check when it was still legible. Both are completely unreadable now so I dont know. Can you help?
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    Simple solution, pretend that you need to buy a new AC adaptor for both laptos.
    then simply compare what he specs show.
    Most common is 19V @ 4+ amp.
    The volts/amps do NOT have to be exactly identical.
    What is listed is that the adaptor will provide a given voltage at a given MAX current level - NOT what the laptop requires.
    ie if 19 Volts then the laptop will determine the current and as long as you are BELOW the current rating you are fine.
    You will find that many of the chargers really supply more than 19 V when current is less than the rated value - ie NO load the output may be as high as 22V.
    Voltage if within a few tens of a volt and current rating is within a few tenths of a amp you should be fine.

    Laptop batteries are generally less than +12 V (ie 10.x most common) the Laptop then converts the input 19 V to a regulated voltage (ie +12V for operation) and a given level 12 V or less for charging the battery.
    Max current required is then a function of what laptop draw (ie no battery) when on and the max current allowed by laptop battery. Current requirement for charging is primarily a function of the Number of battery packs placed in parallel (Which normally also determins amp/hrs of battery)

    Added: using scout_03 65 W then current required is at, or less, than 3.4 Amps so any charger with 19 V @ 4Amps->4.6A is acceptable.
  4. Hi :)

    The dell charger is from WHICH dell laptop ? as most dell chargers have a centre sensing pin that wont work in other makes of laptop...and the other way around...

    We NEED more details... ??

    All the best Brett :)
  5. ^ Brett, I think he indicated that he has replaced the Plug.
    " I already did the rewiring"
  6. RetiredChief said:
    ^ Brett, I think he indicated that he has replaced the Plug.
    " I already did the rewiring"

    Hi :)

    I saw that, but as he was so vague, I couldn't assume he used the correct one...was it an HP socket or a Dell socket lol ?

    All the best Brett :)
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  8. Thanks guys....I must get another laptop. The charger works...YAY? not quite...hp6000 is a rubbish machine. it powers up...after some pressing and caressing...then screen goes blank...any help?
  9. Sounds like a poor joint. Possibly arounf tjhe input power connector.
  10. Thanks retired chief. I removed the battery and powered it using the works that way. But it wont load windows. I am trying to reload windows but that isnt working either. Is the hard disk dead? Could I take out the hard disc and load windows on it using another machine, and then put it back on my machine? I know i should get another laptop but...till i get the know. pls help.
  11. 1) Not recommend placing the HDD in a 2nd computer and loading windows - Windows will load drivers based on that computer which in most cases will be incorrect for your laptop.

    2) I would download a utility to check the HDD:
    ..A) Go to manufs support website and down load a "bootable" utility for checking the HDD.
    ..B) Download the "UBCD" iso and create a bootable CD. This cd has a ton of utiliies for checking a Computer - a good number devoted to HDDs.

    Anyway, check the HDD, then if No errors found, delete all partitions and retry loading windows.

    PS - You might get more help from others by opening a NEW thread as this problem is diff from first problem.
    NOTE: could have been caused by first problem in that if the system crashed it may have messed up the MBR or track 0.

    Added - Link to Ultimate Boot CD:
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