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Why is it necessray to clean my registry?

Why is it necessary to clean my registry? And how often do i need to clean it?
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    enemy43 said:
    Why is it necessary to clean my registry? And how often do i need to clean it?

    In reality it doesn't and is best left alone. The only utility I trust to skim lightly through my Registry is CCleaner from and a lot of regular posters around here think so too. Be very wary of others - particular Uniblue - and before letting CCleaner deal with any entries it found during the scan, accept the offer it gives of creating a Backup. The files containing the Registry are tiny in comparison with, say, photographs you may have stored so there's no hard disk space to be gain by cleaning it and neither does it make the system run significantly faster but an occasional scrub does it no harm so long as the programme that does it can be trusted.

    It's always safer to wait for a second opinion before running any software someone recommends on a Forum, or check their standing out before accepting advice.
  2. I've been running Windows NT and it's descendants since the mid 90's and have never once felt any need to "clean" my registry.
  3. Windows 7 seems, to me, to be particularly good in that respect. I would suspect that more problems are caused by people blindly running some of these clean-up tools than are solved. If it ain't broke....
  4. I'm of the opposite opinion. When programs are loaded, registry entries are made.
    When that software is uninstalled not all registry entries are removed. When windows starts it reads the registry. The bigger the database the longer it takes to read. I agree things are better now(more memory faster processors), since win 95 I have cleaned the registry at least every 6 months of after a weekend of installs and uninstalls. I use Ccleaner now and will get the Symantec product if and when it comes out.
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  6. I totally agree with saga Lout.

    I've been using computers isnce 1989 (not the same computer) and have only ever "cleaned" my registry about 4 times in the different PC's that I had been using at the time. I rarely recommend it, even CCleaner, but only if all else fails. Once you have done the clean, uninstall CCleaner, it seems to monitor your system and may cause uncertain results.

    Edit - CCleaner also removes temp browser files and other things, make sure you uncheck the options that you don't want removed otherwise you may need to re-install your browser and have to reset your browser settings.
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