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I made a clean install of WinXP professional yesterday. All went well, installed all the updates from windows update, d/l and installed via 4in1 4.35. The problem began when i tried to install the DetonatorXP 21.83. After the reboot XP would freeze after 10 secs and then they restarted. I tried the 21.85 and 21.88 with the same results. Also XP recognize the problem of the reboot as a geforce 3 driver problem.
I saw some faq for my Leadtek geforce 3 and the mobo BIOS settings. Tried them all with no luck. I used the fail safe BIOS setting, disabled AGPx4, shadows and everything else the human mind can think of and still no joy.
I changed the IRQs and the best i could do is shared IRQ for the gf3 and the VIA USB controller. I then disabled the USB mobo controller from the BIOS so that the VGA would not have any interrupts from the USB and again no joy.
Anyone knows if there is a problem with KT133A, Leadtek Gf3 and WinXP? Please help me, i really like the OS and i would hate switching back to WinME.

My computer:

Athlon 1400 @ 1470 (140x10.5)
MSI Turbo-R (2.9 Bios, VIA 4in1 4.35)
Leadtek Winfast Geforce 3 TDH
Soundblaster Live! (default winXP updated drivers)
DVD Pioneer 106S
Adaptec SCSI controller (dont remember the model, i guess the cheapest one)
WD 200BB 20GB ATA100 7200rpm
Logitech Cordless Mouse
Generic Keyboard
512 MB generic Ram (two sticks of 256)
WinXP Professional
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  1. when installing xp it should have told you that it was incompatible and you will need to go to manufacture site to see if they have any xp drivers or patches and fixes. if not try going to <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    and then try to post here<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
  2. I hadn't any problems with the installation as i said. Also the 21.83 are digitally signed XP drivers, so they are supposed to work ok. The Leadtek site has nothing on WinXP and their Gf3.
  3. palpatine, xp dosent need the 4 in 1 drivers, try it again without installing the 4 in 1's

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  4. The 4in1 only installs an INF file, something for VIA power management.
    I used system restore and rolled back XP before 4in1. Nothing again.
    I found a beta SP for WinXP that fixes some problems. Maybe if i am lucky it will solve mine also. I will try it this afternoon

    Also i will try the 12.90 drivers but i wanted to ask if they are equal or worse in performance compared to 21.83.

    One more thing. When i set to auto the irq configuration in the mobo BIOS all the hardware (VGA, Sound, USB controller, RAID controller, SCSI controller and ACPI) use the same irq, 11. Is this normal?<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Palpatine on 10/30/01 08:31 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  5. You might want to update your MB Bios... it shouldn't do that, but then again, usually Windows will hand out IRQs anyway.

    Also, are you using the exicutable or installing the drivers from being unzipped? The Zipped versions tend to cause less problems from what I've seen and heard.

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  6. Praise the Gods !!! Three days ago version 3.1 of the Bios was released with the following fixes:

    -Fixed problem wherein system cannot install WinXP when using other K7T series board except K7T Turbo2
    -Fixed that Tools\Event Viewer\System\ACPI error under WinXP
    -Update the BIOS of ATA100 function of Promise 265 chip to B43

    I am not sure that it will be the solution to my problem but i will try it. Well off to format again. This time i will dual boot WinME and XP. Does the XP have a boot manager like Win2k?
  7. Yes it does.

    And the det xp drivers give 15-20% boost with the gf3 on windows xp.

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  8. Surfing the MSI forums i found out that other users with the K7T have the same problem. So i can stop switching drivers and focus on the mobo. I really hope that the 3.1 bios solves the problem.

    Well i flashed to 3.1 still no joy. Its an incompatibility between K7T-Turbo, WinXp and Detonators.
    Better luck next time i guess...

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