Big trouble - unmountable_boot_volume PLEASE HELP!

I think I did it this time. I was using TweakNow to clean up files and make some settings changes to XP Pro. I was prompted to reboot and got to the background image of the desktop (no icons), then a bunch of error boxes telling me that files which I didn't recognize couldn't be written. I should have written them down, but there were about 20 of them popping up one after the other as I hit the OK button. Finally the system rebooted again and right after the black Windows XP screen with the loading bar at the bottom, I now get the blue error screen with:
I really don't like the sound of that.
I put in my SystemSuite 5 boot CD, had the system boot and picked FixIt from the menu. On the next screen where you pick the hard drive to scan for errors NONE WERE LISTED!
I have my 120gb drive broken into 3 partitions. The C drive has little more than the OS, the D drive has most of my applications and the E drive has most of my data.
I next put in the Partition Magic 8 boot disk and saw all 3 partitions listed. I highlighted the C partition and had it check for errors. There were a large number of lost cluster errors that I could fix, but there were three others I couldn't. They were:

On the other two partitions I got the error message:

These errors could not be fixed.

I do have a Disk Image 2002 image file for drive C that I "MIGHT" be able to put back on, but it's from back in August. That's not a very attractive option.

Does anybody have any ideas of what happened and what I can do to fix it?

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  1. I guess you'll have more trouble coming and your OS might not be unstable even if you fix these problem. I suggest that you redo a clean install of your XP.
  2. I had this very same problem with a Maxtor 120GB S-ATA drive. Reloading your O/S is not an option as your machine won't even recognise that the hard drive exists.

    Firstly, can you tell us the manufacturer of the hard drive? Check their website for diagnostic utilities (although the only decent one I've ever used is Western Digital's utility). That MIGHT get you somewhere, although I doubt it.

    Your best bet is to try to put the drive in another PC as a slave and try to save your data. It didn't work for me, I lost the whole lot and had to RMA the drive.

    Sorry I can't be more constructive :frown:

    Barton 2500+, 512MB Corsair Platinum XMS 3200 CL2, Radeon 9700, WD Raptor 10,000 rpm S-ATA HDD, Asus A7V600, Enermax 460W SilentPlus PSU.
  3. Believe it or not, I got it fixed!!!

    First I booted to my WindowsXP CD. Then I ran the repair function from the menu screen by typing chkdsk /r and it fixed a ton of errors. I tried to reboot and it got a bit further, but dumped after getting to the desktop. On the second reboot I was back to the original problem of unmountable boot disk. I ran the chkdsk /r command again after booting the CD, but instead of trying to reboot the system when it finished, I booted the CD a second time. This time I ran the fixboot command and when it finished I did a safe mode boot of the system and got to the desktop. I ran some diagonstics to make sure everything was okay then did a system restore from the day before and did a normal boot. Everything came up great. I'm back in business!!! Guess what I did next. I immediately made a disk image of the C drive to replace the one I did in August. Now, if I can just remember to do that on a regular basis. . . . Uh huh.

    Thanks guys.
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