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Gaming laptop and IG3 in New i7s

Has anyone found any article to verify that the New IG3 in the new i7s will be as powerful as a GT 650m

I'm just feeling really excited because if this is true then gaming laptops will drop tremendously in price in order to compete and I could finally get my hands on a MSI GT60 or similar for like $999
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  1. I think the highest end GT3/IG3 with the 64mb intergrated vram cache will match the 650m but it may be a ultra high end part like a i7 4775 (how the 3770 has the HD4000 but I would rate the cost of the IG3 as even higher and deserving another model) and I don't think every mobile chip will have it
  2. that would require a quantum leap in the HD tech... which Intel isn't even hinting is coming. Right now HD4000 is so far below a 650m it would need something like a 300+% improvement in performance to even match a 650m.

    Doubt it bud.
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    The most optimistic estimate I've read about the supposedly names Intel HD 5000 (GT3) is that it will be double the Intel HD 4000's performance. That would more or less make it a little / slightly faster than AMD's Radeon HD 7660G in the A10-5800k APU.

    That translates into performance between the nVidia GT 625 and GT 630; but much closer to the GT 625 than the GT 630.

    The GT 650m is roughly 4x faster than the Intel HD 4000. Therefore, the performance would need to be increased at least by 300%. You will need to wait for an Intel CPU beyond Skymont (2016) to get that level of performance. Who knows, maybe it will happen as early as 2017.
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