Anyone have Mafia??

do you like it? i find the controls to be very difficult. why cant these companies use the standart wasd config. i also dont really like when driving is made a critical part of a "non driving" game. i havent even got past the first screen, so im not really knocking the game... the graphics look nice, good audio, NO BUGS SO FAR!! WOOOHOOO!! and it was very highly recommended. just wondering what any of you guys thought.

....the crows seemed to be calling him, thought caw....
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  1. Just a little to (peep) slow for me, and because of that I haven't gotten into the game.

    Hey Baby, want to play with my computer?
  2. yeah, its a little frustrating.

    ....the crows seemed to be calling him, thought caw....
  3. I would have to say it was a great game!One of the best ever!
    Of course there is driving in this game,the main person is hired as a driver for the mob.
    The story just gets better as you go with lots of surprise's.
    As far as the interface you can go into controls and set it up any way you want,I even used pedals and steering whell for driving parts.
    Give it a chance and you will like it,unless you are only looking for the standard deathmatch fps...lots of those out there.
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