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my laptop model Asus x83vb-2. it's my understanding this laptop being that it has a descrete graphics adapter can be upgraded.... but to what? Asus laptop support has no idea and they dont make mobile cards. they advised to to call nvdia. then nvdia advised to contact the laptop manufacturer Asus. has anybody actually upgraded the card, cpu and memory on one of these things. thanks for all your help great site :)
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  1. Often the "descrete GPU for laptops is a Soldered in chip not the "card" that is typically used in a desktop.

    Tried to find a "picture of MB

    Bottom line is most likely the answer is NO.

    A 2nd consideration is how a "newer" GPU would affect the thermal design of the laptop.
  2. thank you for your great reply and also for the link, i will read them.
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