Is Radeon Slow?

I just got an ATI-radeon 7500 to replace a Matrox G400, I thought all that ram/ddr/3d stuff would really make it fly. I have been playing with Crimson Skies recently. I got this for $150 local and thought it was a good deal. But, the end result is that it is slower than the old card - drops fames and such. I have gotten new drivers and tried to tweek it but have not found a combination as good as the old 16meg card. The system is a P3-933 w/ 256 meg 133 ram.
I have seen posts that it is just this game that is slow - which seems odd. But I have not tried anything else. So are other things slow and do other Radeons have this problem- has anyone tried the 8500 with this game? Any suggestions as to a better card - I also like to do video editing.
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  1. If you want to quickly see if there's something wrong with your setup, run 3dmark2001. You should be getting more than 3800. If not, there's something wrong with your setup.
    I'm not really sure about the 3800 score, but an overclocked 64 vivo gets around 4000, yours should even do better. You could also try quake3. Get the latest patch and run demo four.dm_66. You should be getting 85+ fps.

    I hope this helps.
  2. It came up with 3338 in 3dmark and that ssems about the same as others on the 3dmark site. I did note that the "sprite" mark is VERY low on this board (0.2 instead of 20-60 for other boards). Perhaps this game uses this feature more often than most (the images do look like 2d objects over a 3d space). I thnk I will exchange it for a G3-Ti200.
  3. It must be a driver thing. I get that same score with my radeon 32 LE at 180MHz.
    There are lots of drivers you can try, official, non official, omega's drivers and lots of tweaks. I admit the gf3 has more power and better drivers. If you're willing to try out your radeon for a little longer, try going to <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> where you can compare results and ask people who tried it.
    As for the sprite thing. It's really the driver's fault. My LE used to get .9Msprites with tweaking but at 148MHz clock. The 7500 gets .3 using the new drivers which is really odd. I also get .3 using the official drivers. The Radeon 8500 gets 26Msprites/sec!

    What OS are you using? Which driver?
  4. The radeon 7500 is a remade origional radeon, the gf3 ti 200 will stomp it to the floor, and its only 10 bucks more!

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  5. 10 bucks more? You can get a GeForce3 TI200 for $120-130 dollars? Where?

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