Did I fillaly smoke my GTS2

Well I have only been here for an hour and already I posted in the wrong forum. I posted in the tv/video but I think it goes better in here..

Anyways, Over the pst week while trying to play CS I have been getting booted after 2-5 minutes. It will sometimes just lock up and other times it will crash to my desktop. But when it crashes to my desktop it has also been resized to 640X480 with 256 color. I then change the color back to 32true but when I turn up the resolution to anything past 640X480 the color automaticly goes back to 256. But after I reboot I can go back to 1280X1024X32.

But this morning after it happened and I went into the display properties I noticed several fuzzy lines accross the window.

The desktop looks good, it's just the game that boots me out. could the game be to graphic intense so it boots me out because my Card is bad?

One last thing ,I have a PIII 700E that for the past year has been running at 933 so my AGP bus has been at 89mhz ,could my card finally have had enough and got fried?

My card is a Creative Annihilator Gefore 2 GTS.
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  1. It could be hardware, perhaps. It's going to be difficult for me to describe this but here goes...That fuzzy line you see, is it some oddly placed pixels? If they "align" with the rest of the graphics on the screen it's probably just some fallout from the game crashing. If they don't "align" with the rest of the pixels on the screen or "blur" into nearby pixels it could be a fried card. Stray pixels when you are in DOS mode is a sure sign of this.

    I'm thinking it's more likely some corrupt drivers or possibly a heat/clockspeed problem. The part that tips me off to this: "I then change the color back to 32true but when I turn up the resolution to anything past 640X480 the color automaticly goes back to 256. But after I reboot I can go back to 1280X1024X32." It sounds like it's falling into VGA mode. I would try simply reloading your video drivers before anything else. (no uninstall necessary in this case, just load over the top of em).

    You would also be very wise to clock down that AGP or change the multiplier. If you slow down your AGP port you won't really notice a performance hit on the system as a whole. Relatively speaking all read-writes to and from video and main memory are VERY slow no matter how fast your AGP slot is. You just have to rely on a buttload of memory on your video card to make sure this doesn't happen.

    When you start having lockups on an overclocked motherboard, the overclocking is always a good place to start when troubleshooting.
  2. I turned down my FSB back to 100 but the fuzzy lines I saw was after I had done this. The lines just kind of blured out the text in the window. this afternoon when i went to load Half-life the opening screen came up that said seirra and it faded from one color to another. :( then the next screen with the guy with the valve in his eye also started out blurry then took a few seconds before it came into focus..

    I still have some old 6.14 detanator drivers loaded, I downloaded the 12.41 but have yet to install them. Should I try some of the newer ones or are the 12.41s good enough?
  3. 12.41 should be good, though the new Detonator XP drivers are nice too.

    Do you have access to another monitor or computer? Some of what you describe sounds like a monitor issue, but sometimes it's hard to tell. Check the monitor with another comp or comp with another monitor.

    As for the strange setup issues, I had those with my old TNT card when I installed it in a fresh install of 98. Except that it would crash the system after the 4th reboot. I had to go back to the standard drivers to get it to work. Strange, as it works fine with Detonator drivers in 2000.

    60 FPS, 70 FPS, 80 FPS Crash!
    Daylight comes and I have to go to work :frown:
  4. bront, I just was thinking the same thing. I'm DLing the game on the wife comp to see if it runs on hers or not. i figured if it doesn't run there then it might be a connection problem.

    I can run Unreal with no problem though and I have now done a total reloead with no changes in play.
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