How to know if caps lock is on with acer computers

I have and acer V3 laptop with no apparent indicator for caps lock-on or off. Is there anything to correct this? Help!
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  1. Hi :)

    You can set it up to BEEP in accessibility options...for when you turn them on or off... you DID read the manual to see if any other way ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. In addition to beeps, some laptops (I know some Dells do) offer a tray icon that changes depending on the status of the Caps Lock key. Of course, you need to install the appropriate driver/software for this to happen.

    Actually, I just searched Google for you and this is the case with your laptop.
  3. I'm sure of you do an internet search you can find some kind of software that pops up a dialogue or shows something in the taskbar that caps in enabled.
  4. thank you everyone. I applied the beep.
  5. Most operating systems alert you if caps lock is on, or you can just start typing and see what happens.
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