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HP Pavillion dv9812us: How do I reset the Bios Password?

I have an HP Pavillion dv9000 (dv9812us) that's started mysteriously asking for a bios password.

I've already been to the HP support site and the only solution they give for this problem is to take the laptop to a certified repair center.

I remember encountering this problem before a couple years ago, and vaugely remember that there was a glitch in some of the HP laptops that caused them to start asking for a bios password even if one had never been set. I found a solution that involed bridging a jumper on the underside of the motherboard with an unbent paperclip, then flashing the bios so it wouldn't happen again. It worked, but I can no longer find the instructions on how to do this.

If anyone knows how to reset the bios password on this laptop I'd greatly appreciate some help!
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    We can't help you here, as we don't know if you are the Original owner of the laptop or not, so Tom's policy is to not help with passwords in anyways.
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