winXP/athlon/geforce3 problem. Please help!

Hi all!

Just put together my new system:

amd athlon xp1800
512mb crucial ram
epox 8kha+
gainward geforce3 ti-200
windows xp pro
soundblaster Live! card

The installation went fine and windows is running very smooth but I can't run any games nor the WinDVD software that came with the card.

Everytime I try to start up a game it either freezes, screen goes totally bonkers or I'm in the game but I only hear sound.
The end result is that I always have to reboot.

As far as drivers, I've tried these detonator drivers so far:


plus a lot of earlier ones. Always the same result.

Something that I think might pertain to the problem is that when I run dxdiag all the test options under the tab where you test the different aspects of directX are greyed out exept one(directDraw I think) so it's like the card is not behaving properly.

Does anyone have any suggestion as to what I can do in order to fix this?

Any help is deeply appreciated:

Viktor A Lundberg
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  1. Sounds like Direct X has some issues. You're not the first one to have driver issues for XP with Nvidia cards. See if you can reinstall Direct X. And make sure you install the Windows 2000/XP version of the drivers, not the 98/ME.

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  2. I had a similar problem with Leadtek GF3 with a 1.4 athlon on a k7t turbo-r. When i as using the nvidia drivers winxp were freezing 10-30 secs after loading. I think that it has something to do with the drivers. Some gf freeze some dont. I will wait for the detxp 22.xx series before trying winxp again.
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