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i use windows 7 i now want to connect to the VPN of my university so i can have access to articles yet i instanll the vpn client the connection is establishing but the ip remains the same so i cannot enter into the databases...anyone have an idea?
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  1. Uni have DHCP enabled? Your PC set to auto IP? try typing "ipconfig /renew" into CMD
  2. how can i check if the pc is set to auto IP.Basically when i connect to VPN is shows me that i have an assigned Ip but when i check my IP remains the same so i cannot enter into universirt database
  3. when i typed ipconfig/renew is showed me that it is unable to contact DHCP server and the request timed out
  4. Typically you should have a student IT tech who goes from room to room to help in these situations, search him out.
    What version of Windows & do you have? profesional?
  5. i have windows 7 professional.i searched all day today why is this it possible to be router's problem?i have wirelless.i seasrched and the dhcp is enabled but when i type ipconfig/renew in the cmd it shows me that it is unable to connect to dhcp server
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