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G72 Laptop won't POST- Charger LED white with battery absent, orange w

Hello and thanks for looking at this. I'm everyone's local guy to dump non-working computers on. This one has me stumped!

The title pretty much says it all. My friends HP G72-B57CL laptop won't post.

No noise, no fan, no hard drive, no sound whatsoever happens when you press the power button. To the best of my knowledge everything inside the machine is stock and it appears to be in excellent condition inside and out.

I can't rule out liquid damage since it wasn't explicity stated that didn't get wet, but I'm not sure how else to explain how the machine got this way.

I've already tried reseating the ram, hard drive, mobo/ laptop batteries. I've tried holding the power button for 30 seconds with nothing connected, etc.

While the AC adapter is connected, the power indicator light next to the charger port is solid white. When the laptop battery is introduced, the light is a solid orange.

Ive tried using a different AC adapter with the laptop. The same thing happens.

A thousand internet high fives to the person who can solve this problem in a non-mobo replacing kind of way. (If possible!)

Thanks guys and gals!

Kind regards,

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  1. I've read that.. but still, nothing happens when I press the power button. I haven't tried to leave it plugged in indefinitely to find if the orange light goes away.. Maybe that's the next random step!
  2. I appreciate your link, I didn't see it in previously. I believe the charger is good, though. It seems to work well on a different HP laptop that I personally own.
  3. look at your use manual to se if they tell how long it will take to charge the battery,does it boot without battery in ?
  4. Well, I've had the battery in for about an hour and a half. It's still solid orange. No, it doesn't boot without the battery in. I appreciate your time.
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    if this under warranty i would ask for a repair from hp ,could be something else that not working in the laptop and since everything is fix to the board go for the repair .
  6. Groovy. Well, I left the battery plugged in. The light eventually turned white. Still nothing when I press the power button. Must be a bad board. I'll try to get her data off of the drive and then give her back the busted laptop. Thanks again for the reply!
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