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No, I'm from home but I just want to stop the pop up keep coming up

Wesley Vogel Wrote:
> Why are you allowing the Print Spooler internet access? Are you on a
> network?
> --
> Hope this helps. Let us know.
> Wes
> MS-MVP Windows Shell/User
> In,
> ixr hunted and pecked:-
> I think I may have fixed it! Open Norton, double click "personal
> firewall", go to configure, click on "trusted sites", now add the IP
> address it keeps poping up under "more information". In my case there
> were 2. I added them to the "trusted sites" and wala!!!! So far so
> good. I'll post reults in the am when I get up.
> "storm101m" wrote:
> -
> Since the lastest update, I have my Internet firewall (Norton
> Sercurity
> 2005) keep flagging an attempt by the Priner Spooler Service to
> access
> the internet.
> It seems to happen once a screen saver has run, and dispite telling
> the
> firewall to either accept or refuse it keeps coming up.
> Now I know that this is a XP forum and not a Norton forum, but I'm
> thinking that the update must have altered something for it to keep
> setting the thing off, especially as when I disable the screensaver,
> restart and the problem goes away.
> Help please!!
> Cheers
> --
> storm101m--

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