win XP + gf3 graphic stutter! help

Hello there, I just intalled a fresh install of Windows XP and mounted my new (elsa) GF3 TI200 into it. I installed detonators .83 , via 4-1 and sb live update. Runned 3dmark2001 couple times and it seemed to run smooth.

Then I tryed Red faction and then it started. The graphics stutter a little constantly making the game really pain to play. its not easy to explain but the game lags and stutters constatly like it had to read hard drive, but with my rig this aint the case

my spec:
Windows XP
asus A7V133-c with 1007 bios
Thunderbird 1333mhz
512 pc133 memory
Gf3 TI200 with .83 detonators
sound blaster live value

with this rig all the games should run really smooth but they are not. I noticed the same thing with my earlyer card radeon 64ddr vivo. That was too with Windows XP.

any suggestions, Iam guessing its somekinda amd/via + xp thing, please post any tips and helps :) thanks
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  1. Actualy, it appears to be either an XP Direct X problem, or an XP issue with drivers in general. However, if you're just getting a stutter (Quick pauses in the video with no pause in the game?) then check your CD-rom drive. I have had issues before where CD-rom drives could cause skipping due to strange CPU usage issues. If you can, look for a CD-rom bios update.

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  2. Hhhmm yes I have been thinking about that it must be XP , cause I installed totally fresh install of win XP and 83 detonators. Runned red faction and got the same stuttering. I have Teac 16x burner and Pioneer 16x/40x dvd rom, didint have any problems like this one with Windows ME.

    Well whatta he*k I might as well give it a try, unplugging cdroms now :)
  3. If you didn't have a problem with ME, then it's not the CD-rom drives.

    The specific problem I had was when a CD-Rom was playing a music CD, my system would hickup every 8 seconds or so. Watching a CPU monitor, it would jump up to 100% at that time. I flashed the CD-rom Bios, and that fixed it. However, that was my old 4X in my Pentium 133. I would hope they've fixed that sort of problem by now.

    60 FPS, 70 FPS, 80 FPS Crash!
    Daylight comes and I have to go to work :frown:
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