Video card problem?

I have a compaq presario 2297 with an these PC specs:

AMD K6/2 400mhz processor
256mb PC-133 ram
Voodoo 3 2000 PCI
6 gb Hard Drive

The problem is my frame rate in games. Quake 3 was made to play on a 300mhz PC yet i get 12 fps in this game. Counter-Strike and half-life are also unplayable at a mere 10fps. My motherboard has an onboard 4mb video card whgich i have disabled in all hardware profiles aka. by right clicking on my computer in device manager.

For its time the voodoo3 was state of the art and was made for playing these games at a decent frame rate.

Also despite the resolution i put these games on i get the same fps if it be 640x480 or 1024x768

I dont have any money to upgrade cause i have recently the $50 spare AUS dollars on the 256mb ram

If anyone knows anything to help speed my PC's gaming performance i would be so greatfull

P.S i have the latest video card drivers for my voodoo 3 and i run wicked GL to try boost overall performance

Thank you all very much..
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  1. What OS are you running?? I have a v3 1k AGP and in new games like nascar 4 i usually get around 40fps on high detail. But that's with an 1100mhz athlon. If you know what chipset the compaq mobo has you may want to try the latest drivers for the chipset.
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    There is compaq's support page. It looks like you may have an SiS chipset and you may want their latest drivers.

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  2. i think its your video card. not only is it ancient (3 to 4 years is a long time in computer time), its a pci vid card. my sis has a voodoo3 3000 agp on her comp and i can get 50 fps max, and around 25 when there's a lot of peps on the screen. simple solution, i would upgrade your vid card (im not telling to to get a geforce 3 or anything, just a better vid card than the onle you have).

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  3. I tend to agree that your system may not have the resources to play games well. Especially Nascar Racing 4. That is a VERY CPU intensive game as well as video. As a matter of fact, it was Nascar Racing 4 that convinced me I needed to upgrade a while back.

    Bang for the buck, you are in a position where you will probably get the greatest gains from a Video card update. The TNT2 is pretty much mainstream and wouldn't set you back too much (you don't have to do the Ultra or anything)

    The one I used to use was made by Diamond multi-media. (V770)

    I doubt you will find system tweaks in windows to give you what you are wanting.

    (Remember, when K6-2 came out, 15 fps was considered playable, 25 fps was considered fast)


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  4. I'm not sure what is holding you back. Usually if you are getting the same framerates at 1024x768 that you get at 640x480 this means your framerates are limited by your CPU. However, I have a K6-2, also at 400 mhz, that is able to do 31 fps, max detail, in Quake 3. Now, I have a Geforce256 SDR AGP card but what I am trying to say is the K6-2 is not limited to the 12 fps that you are seeing. PCI will definitely slow you down but I would think you would see different framerates at 640x than at 1024x.

    I even had a Voodoo1 PCI in my K6-2 machine that would do 24 fps in Quake 3 at 640x480, medium detail. I don't know what is holding you to 12 fps.

    Sorry, this information doesn't help you but I am having trouble understanding what could be happening.

    I'm wondering if your built-in graphics is somehow still interfering. In your BIOS, see if you can de-select the built-in graphics from using an IRQ.

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