HP Pavallion G6 or Lenovo Essential G580, Which laptop to buy??

HP Pavallion G6 or Lenovo Essential G580, Which laptop to buy??
My major concern is hardware durability.
Please help!!
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  1. Hi shashi118.

    I would go with the HP G6. It is a better overall machine.

    (HOWEVER i cannot confirm, post the links or the specifications of the machines or even better, the model number of the laptop.

    In terms of durability, wait for others to post and go to mr google and search on HP and Lenovo laptops on how long they last and so on.

    They should last about you about 4/5 odd years. You hear IBM etc. for Lenovo, I had a AMD cheap HP laptop for work I bought don't like it.

    Depends what you wonna do with them too.

    To make them last longer, look at guides etc.

    How much you are you spending? I would suggest posting a new thread with your budget but first read Laptop Buyers FAQ on the forum before doing so.

    All the best,

  2. If your choice is based on durability,then Lenovo E-G580 is the best.It's indeed known for it! Also I own Lenovo(s510p 59 383326) and its working absolutely fine.Your hardware in most cases gets damaged due to heating but Lenovo keeps it absolutely cool with its silent fan.
  3. Lenovo systems are known for reliability. They do good, solid hardware- HP isn't bad, but it's closer towards the cheaper end of the spectrum than is preferable.
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