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Hi everyone.
i have a acer travelmate 5742,i took it to a repair center to change the Lcd and when it came back there was no display,even if i connect it to a external monitor it dont display,what could be wrong?and can you explain step by step what to do because ill rather to it myself this time around....
Thanks in advance.
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  1. ghhk
  2. What?

    Connect the laptop to an external display and see if anything appears....
  3. Hi,

    You double posted in the forum :)

    I would go back to the repair shop my friend. You paid for the replacement yes? You should be covered by them for a number of days.

    First, does the laptop switch on at all?

    Try removing your battery and just using the power adapter or just using the battery while closing and opening the screen.

    I would really go back to the repair centre.

  4. the pc fan does spin and ao ob but no display,i took it back and they said its not they responsability,so i got tired of them and just left
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    Acer no display
  6. Hi :)

    Take it BACK to them...

    All the best Brett :)
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