Why wont my pc based corel blu ray player play earlier discs but not 2012 and la

corel bluray player cannot play 2012 and later discs Why not?
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  1. is it an older version? Maybe need an update.
  2. Need to update the blue-ray player software. 2012 has a copywrite key that requires a update to your player software.
    Clarify, should not need a "NEWER" version of software, just the update.

    I use anydvd so that I do not have to worry about the player software. Anydvd comes out with a update a couple of times a month as new movies with NEW copyprotection come out.

    I use Total Theathre (laptops) and Cyberlink (Desktops) blu-ray players.
  3. Corel advises that I should keep checking back to the patches on their website. There are none after 2011. Sounds like a business not a technology issue to me
  4. Hi :)

    Sorry to say but you NEED to BUY better BR software.... and there is NO free stuff that works properly :(

    All the best Brett :)
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