MSI GT683R - Burnt out DC Jack and Mobo

About 4 months ago I sent my laptop into MSI with a broken DC jack. I could not charge my laptop with my charger or another individuals charger. After about 1 1/2 months I finally received my laptop back fixed with it being fully covered under warranty.

Unfortunately two weeks ago I was forced to send my laptop in again with a broken DC jack. This time, I was sent back images of the motherboard burnt and that it was caused by a lose pin on the DC jack. MSI won't cover it because the DC jack was "physically damaged." Of course it was physically damaged on the inside far from where I would have broken it. From the outside, nothing was lose and my charger plugged right in. My guess is the technician failed at installing the jack when I last sent it in. The workmanship looks shoddy at best.

The laptop worked fine on battery power before sending it in. Can this be fixed without replacing the motherboard? I'm still going to try to get them to cover it. It's obviously a faulty install from the last repair. They've yet to give me any estimates.

Laptop: MSI GT683R-242US 15.6" Notebook -

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  1. Looks to me like you'll need a new mobo. Problem with something like this is that quite often the visible damage isn't the only damage. It may have cooked other components as well. Sorry for the bad news :(
  2. I received notice today that the repair was granted. I'm glad to hear they're going to replace it. A big thumbs up to MSI for not bailing out on me.
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